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At a Glance

Enjoy hours of outdoor pleasure at a natural habitat!

La Vega Estate is a place of great beauty that offers a truly authentic outdoor experience. Whether you are in search of an open air adventure or searching for a tranquil retreat, La Vega has the ideal spot for you, your family or group.

LOCATION: La Vega Estate is situated in picturesque central Trinidad.The property is located on Gran Couva Main Road, La Vega Village, just 15 minutes off the Solomon Hochoy High Way.

SIZE: 250 acres. All the space you could possibly need for a day of open air fun.

WHAT: La Vega is a unique combination of garden centre, plant nursery, nature & recreation park.

PICNIC AREAS: With more than 8 different locations to choose from, you are sure to find the ideal spot. Select Lake George for its upbeat atmosphere, appealing view of the lake and bustle of all the fun activities. Pick the cool, shady Garden of Meditation or Bamboo Nursery to indulge in peaceful tranquillity and reflection. Or hit all the spots and enjoy a great mix of everything our beautiful surroundings have to offer.

ACTIVITIES: Fish for tilapia with bamboo rods in ponds, adventure onto a nature trail, or climb the jungle gym.

SPORTS FIELD: The perfect place for a game of cricket, football or races.

BIRD WATCHING: Observe our feathered friends and other native creatures as they nest nearby or plunge into the watery depths in search of fish.

GUIDED TOURS: Take a tour of our green houses, orchards and field areas accompanied by a knowledgeable guide. Learn about our everyday operations, the care and growth of plants, exotic and unusual fruits.

SPECIAL EVENTS: Weddings, family days, corporate events, team building, birthday celebrations, whatever the occasion … our team is ready to help you plan and carry out a memorable event.

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